Cigar Shop Online 2022

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Cigar Shop Online 2022

El Cigar Shop is a respected contender in the tobacco industry as a distributor of high-quality cigars, lighters, and accessories. We carry an extensive collection of some of the finest cigars in the world. If you have been looking for a high-end cigar shop online with competitively priced products and knowledgeable staff we can help. Our team of cigar aficionados has chosen vintage lines of cigars, personal favorites, as well as highly popular brands to bring you extensive choices in selection when buying from our cigar shop online 2022. Our aim with El Cigar shop is to provide our customers with unique and exquisite products that will satisfy their desire for high quality, exotic, or even outlandish cigars. Cigar Shop Online 2022 Some of the products we carry include:








If you have even wondered where cigar bands originated from you aren’t alone. This question frequently arises among curious cigar smokers as well as observant non-smoker. Russia’s queen Catherine the Great ruled from 1762 until 1796. During her reign, it was documented that she was an avid cigar smoker but wanted an effective way to prevent the smell of her cigar smoke to cling onto her hands and fingers. This led to the use of silk bands placed on her cigars which she’d use to hold them. This idea quickly became popularized and turned into the norm for the industry following the 1830s when Gustave Bock ordered paper rings with his signature to be placed around every cigar from his factory that was to be exported. For the consumers, this was a good measure of trust that they would now have to prove the quality of the products they were purchasing. It’s been documented that by 1855 virtually all manufacturers from Cuba with significant cigar exports were banding their cigars. Cigar Shop Online 2022


One of the easiest ways to determine a cigar’s freshness even for the inexperienced customer is to examine the cigar’s wrappers. When a cigar’s wrapping has an oily and rich sheen it is a good sign of a properly humidified cigar with the tobacco leaf being of exceedingly high caliber. This isn’t the only factor for the indication of quality but it is a good starting point if you are not sure how to examine your product. Keep in mind that a dull-looking wrapper doesn’t necessarily mean poor quality. One of the best methods to test the quality of a cigar is by performing what is commonly referred to as the “pinch test.” This is where you lightly press the cigar between two fingers (thumb & forefinger is typically used). The cigar should feel relatively firm with somewhat of a bounce to it. If the cigar feels exceedingly firm or too soft and spongy we recommend making another selection.


We are proud to house some of the best premium cigars, lighters, and accessories in the industry. Our cigar shop online services allow you to select from premium cigars and products conveniently and economically with a matter of clicks. Contact us today with any questions about our products or services.

Cigar Shop Online 2022


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