The Most Expensive Cigars in the World

The Most Expensive Cigars in the World

Curious about the most expensive cigars in the world? Read what our cigar enthusiasts have to say about three premium and rare cigar selections. Find more in El Cigar Shop's huge online selection!

Premium cigars are not the cheapest thing in the world to enjoy, but nothing good is cheap. A good cigar can run the gamut from sub six-dollar prices (for example, the Yellow Cake line from Caldwell Cigars) to easily thirty dollars (I recently purchased 3 of the Arturo Fuente Opus X 20th Anniversary cigars at the price of about 24 dollars apiece). Cigars that you can find on the shelf of your local cigar shop can be more expensive. I have seen Davidoff cigars that go up to the seventy-dollar mark, for example. Below, you will find just a few of the most expensive cigars in the world.

I removed from the list cigars that seem to be designed as jokes (for example, I refuse to believe that even Gurkha, with their reputation for making overpriced and terribly-flavored cigars, would make a cigar that costs a million dollars apiece like the ‘Royal Courtesan’ that they announced auspiciously close to April Fool’s Day of 2017) or those that seem to be designed less as actual cigars and more to prove a point (such as the Gran Habano no. 5 ‘El Gigante,’ which is 1,600 pounds of tobacco and is meant to be smoked by 40 different people at once according to the makers). Many of these cigars you will not see on the shelves of your local cigar shop or for sale via your favorite online cigar shop, but rather will see every so often on the internet, almost as if they were a phantom.


Most Expensive Cigars in the World | 3 Selections

  1. Gurkha Black Dragon - $23,000 a box or $1,150 each

Gurkha has a long history of making absurdly expensive cigars that are more gimmick than anything else, and this continues that streak. These are made in limited editions and with very limited numbers released any time they run the series.

The cigars are made of a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper with a Cameroon Binder as well as a Dominican filler, both of which were aged for five years. The cigars are then put into frosted glass tubes, then placed in beautiful leather boxes with multiple layers of orange velvet.

Of course, the real price here is the chest that they come in if you buy the full box. You see, the case is a hand-carved camel bone chest, the kind of thing that most people will never see in their lives.

How do the cigars themselves taste?  Honestly, as with most everything Gurkha does, it’s not impressive. If you’re buying these cigars, you’re probably buying them more as a status symbol than because you want a great cigar, and that camel bone case is a real symbol of wealth indeed.

  1. Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve - $15,000 a box or $750 each

They make 2,000 of these cigars a year, shipped out in 100 boxes. They also take pre-orders, so if you work really hard and find 15,000 dollars that you want to spend on cigars that are simply ‘meh’, you too can purchase these, at some point in the future.

These cigars are 7.5 x 52 in size and constructed from a Connecticut Maduro wrapper aged for fifteen years, along with a binder that has been aged for 12 years in the Dominican Republic.  Finally, the real reason for the cost is that the filler is ‘infused’ with Louis XIII cognac (which regularly fetches absurd prices for each bottle). Allegedly, an entire bottle of Louis XIII cognac (which costs a bit more than 3,600 dollars) is used in each box of cigars.  

Reviews of the cigar say that they are quite mild in strength. Having actually smoked one (they have a box at a store near me), I was unimpressed with it, and there are cheaper cigars for sale that are infused with better liquors that are not so expensive. This is a fantastic cigar if you want to waste your money on a nice-looking cigar, but if you’re looking for smokes to enjoy, you could just buy boxes of better cigars for the same price (and 15,000 dollars buys a LOT of boxes of, say, Arturo Fuente Opus X cigars).

  1. Cohiba Behike (Cuban Cohiba) - $19,000 a box

Cohiba is one of the most famous cigar makers in the world, and they are, as with so many of the cigar companies that were nationalized after the Communist Revolution in Cuba, a company that operates outside of Cuba in the same name.

However, the Behike is Cuban-made and introduced back in 2006. They released 100 boxes of them, and they are hand rolled and 7.5 x 52 in size. They come in a lovely humidor designed in France by Elie Blue, and surprisingly, they are the first cigar on this list that is actually delicious.  

If you have 20K to spend on buying a box of cigars, walk into your favorite cigar shop (or, realistically, go to your favorite online cigar shop, since we can’t buy Cuban cigars from shops in America yet) and order these. Unlike with Gurkha cigars, you aren’t likely to end up regretting the purchase.

These are just three of the most expensive cigars on the market that are made for regular cigar consumption. There are plenty of expensive cigars out there, but the reality is that many people will find that they’re not worth the money and most of these cigars are bought by dignitaries, business tycoons, and people with more money than sense.

If you feel like you’ll never be able to enjoy that kind of opulence, don’t worry. There are better-tasting cigars that are MUCH more affordable, and you can find many of them at your local cigar shop humidor. CONTACT US at El Cigar Shop to find more premium and rare cigars available today!

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Most Expensive Cigars in the World


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