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Every cigar smoker will experience a time when loyalty is trumped by the desire to smoke a good cigar. Consider yourself. Ashton Classics may be your favorite brand, and you swear to the stogie they're the only ones for you. You may be afraid to abandon your brand or, dare I suggest it, crush it. So you brush off any desires. You can ignore your desire to try something stronger, or worse, sneak around and meet new cigars at dive bars and seedy hotels for a few moments of pure pleasure. This will only make you feel unfaithful to the brand that you have been loyal to for many years and guilt-ridden. You tell yourself that cigars also have feelings. If you want to purchase wholesale cigars, contact El Cigar Shop, located outside Philadelphia.

You are not committing adultery by switching brands. It's normal to switch brands. You may feel like a sweet cigar at times, but not always. You may feel like a cigar that is sweet at times, but not always. You can feel like a full bodied cigar at times, but not always. When you want a full-bodied cigar, some are better than others. Here is a list with some of the best full bodied cigars. These are cigars worth splurging on if you're a regular.


Camacho Corojo - Grown in Honduras' Jamastran Valley, these cigars have a rich and complex flavor. These cigars are the strongest ever made. They're like those that you would find in a gym. These cigars, made from seed smuggled to the United States from Cuba, are popular among connoisseurs. It is a popular brand in many tobacco shops, both because of its popularity with customers and also to satisfy the urges of the staff.


Coronado by La Flor Cigars - For years, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic have given Cuba a good run for its money in terms of the best place to produce cigars. The Coronado is a joint effort between the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and La Flor Cigars. It takes some of the spotlight away from Cuba. The Coronado, a masterfully blended cigar with Dominican binder and filler, and a Nicaraguan wrapping, is full of rich, spicy and peppery flavors.


Little Gomez Diez Cigars - A cigar made originally to celebrate La Flor Dominicana’s 10th Anniversary, this cigar contains 100 percent Dominican Republic tobacco. In the world of cigars, this is a rare occurrence because it's difficult to find Dominican Republic tobacco suitable for a wrapper, filler and binder. This cigar is a great example of the Dominican Republic's ability to shine. It has hints that are spicy leather.


Carlos Torano Virtuoso: This cigar, made with the first wrapper grown in the sun from the Torano Family, speaks volumes about its Cuban roots. The Carlos Torano Virtuoso is the fullest-bodied cigar in the line. It is also the smoothest, most balanced and easiest to smoke. The Virtuoso is a blend of tobaccos from Panama, Honduras and Nicaragua. It allows smokers to experience the taste of different regions.


The Edge by Rocky Patel should have a warning on the label that reads, "Noobs are not welcome." This is an excellent cigar for experienced smokers. This cigar is a full-bodied cigar that has the edge. The flavor and spice are unmatched.


At some point, every smoker wants to leave the brand of cigars to which they are loyal. You are not a bad cigar smoker for trying something new. It's just that you have a curiosity. You have to try new things and sometimes you need to go against the grain. You can break your brand with a gentle touch. It will forgive you.


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