Guide to Cigars for Weddings

Guide to Cigars for Weddings

If you are planning a wedding, why not include cigars as part of the special day?

Weddings are a reason to celebrate the union of two people and one of the ways I like to celebrate is with a good cigar. Whether it is your own wedding or a wedding you are attending, why not rejoice with friends, family, and cigars?

This is meant as a guide for cigar enthusiasts and anyone who is unfamiliar with cigars. If you are planning a wedding, why not include cigars as part of the special day? Whether your guest list is chocked full of cigar smokers or not, smoking cigars in celebration of the wedding will help make it a memorable event. 


Guide to Cigars for Weddings

There are a couple of ways to approach having cigars at a wedding. You could be supplying them for all of the guests at the wedding or you could just be getting them for the groomsmen, best man, or the immediate family. The cigars you buy and how you present them will vary based on which path you take. Below, I go through some of my suggestions and options for each. 


Three things to consider are:

How many cigars should you purchase?

What cigars should you buy?

How will you present them? 


El Cigar Shop is more than eager to offer you advice on purchasing and storing your premium cigars.


Number of Cigars

When shopping for cigars for your wedding, the first thing to think about is how many you will need.  Cigars typically are sold in boxes of 20-25 cigars. Depending on how many guests you will have at your wedding will help you determine how many boxes you will need to purchase.

A good rule is 20-30 cigars per fifty guests. If you are going to need more than one box, you will also have the option to buy different kinds of cigars. Or, you can keep it simple and purchase one specific brand. 



Another thing to think about before you buy the cigars is storage. Cigars need to be stored in an environment where the humidity is around 70-75% or they will begin to dry out and crack. The longer the cigars are stored at the proper humidity levels, the better and more enjoyable they will be for your guests.

Contact your local cigar shop at least 6 weeks to a month in advance to make sure that they have what you need in stock. Also, I would recommend working with the shop to see if they would hold the boxes of cigars in their storage for you until it is closer to the date of the wedding. El Cigar Shop will certainly do this for you.



You will want to choose cigars that will appeal to a broad range of smokers. Cigars that are mild to medium in strength are a good bet. As far as size goes, I would stick with a Robusto.

Robustos are typically 5X50 and this is a size that will provide you and your guests, with a cigar smoking experience that will last about an hour. The Robusto is also a size that will be large enough to be a significant smoke, but no so big that smoking it seems like a daunting task to the new cigar smoker.



A designated Cigar Bar is an elegant addition to your wedding festivities. How you present the cigars to your guests can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. You can just place the boxes out and open the lids or go as far as displaying them in beautiful humidors.

You will want to get a few cutters to lay out with the cigars for everyone to use. A double-bladed guillotine cigar cutter would be your best bet, due to its ease of use and the fact that it will work on almost all types and sizes of cigars.

After your guests cut their cigars, they will need a way to light them. A good option, that is a great way to light a cigar, is offering your wedding guests personalized boxes of matches. These will not only give your guests a way to light their cigars but will also be something they can take home to remind them of the special day. There is a chance that on your wedding, it may be a little too windy to easily light a cigar with matches. It may be a good idea in that case to have a couple of butane torches available. 


Maybe you don’t want to provide cigars for your entire wedding, and you would rather create and share a special moment with just a select few.  A lot of the items mentioned above are still applicable, just on a smaller scale.


No matter how you choose to integrate cigars into your wedding celebration, they will be a big hit. They will also help make the day even more memorable for all in attendance. Whether it is the first time they have ever smoked a cigar, or if they have smoked cigars for years, a cigar they will always remember will be the one they smoked at your wedding.


Cheers…..and congratulations!


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  1. Larry Rhoads Larry Rhoads

    Hey Tony, if you were to order from you could do it a week or so in advance. If you have a humidor large enough for two boxes of cigars you could do it now, if you wanted. If you don't have any way to keep the cigars humidified, plan on a week out, depending on what part of the country you are in. (we are located outside of Philly)
    Also, I don't recommend churchills for weddings. They are too large and will generally be wasted or get people in trouble for spending so much time on cigars. Think corona or robusto sized mild cigars. You can call me at (215)576-5300. Cheers!
    Larry R

  2. Tony Tony

    Hello, my daughters wedding is in 28 days,
    I’ll need 2 boxes of cigars, thinking about Churchill.
    When should I order them.
    Thank you.

  3. Ilene Malefatto Ilene Malefatto

    Hi, I am looking to purchase about 5-6 boxes of cigars for my daughter's wedding in June of 2022 . I am of course looking for a good descent cigar for a great price. I hope you can help me decide what to purchase . I have labels being made that fit 48-60 gauge cigars.
    Thank you,

  4. Larry Rhoads Larry Rhoads

    Hey Ashley, congrats on your upcoming nuptials! We have a lot of options available when looking for smaller cigars. Arturo Fuente has their Brevas Royale in boxes of 50- small and relatively inexpensive. It's also a nice and mild smoke so it will appeal to all types of smokers. Slightly more expensive but also with nicer banding is the Esteban Carreras Cashmere Boolit- comes in boxes of 32. Obviously, don't buy cigars too far in advance unless you have a way to store them properly. Feel free to give me a call if you would like more help.
    Larry R
    Manager @ El Cigar

  5. Ashley Ashley

    Hi !

    I am looking to purchase 2-3 boxes of cigars for my upcoming wedding. The wedding is on August 20th and we will have about 160 guests. Looking for some help deciding on which options are the best. Definitely want t stay on the smaller size like the Robusto.

    Thank you!

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