Cigars for Beginners

Cigars for Beginners

Cigars for beginners are one of the many things you can learn to do when you decide to smoke. There are so many options of Cigars for Beginners out there. Once you've discovered the top mild cigar choices for beginners stick with them. If you're a guy who enjoys many varieties then consider one or two extra cigars to include in your collection and stick with them.


You need to decide on your own taste and palate so you won't get stuck on what you think is good for you. The cigar industry has standardized many criteria for cigars based on strength, body, flavor, etc. There are even some cigar companies out there that use technology to help simulate the feel and taste of the cigars you love. If this is an option for you then by all means go with it but don't let the label "stakes" affect your decision.


I always recommend that you go with a mild cigar whenever you're just starting. Once you have mastered the basics then you can make your own blends. Don't get caught up on all the different blends that are available. This will only get you confused and you will end up not liking half of the cigars you thought were good.


Many times people get confused with the word "priming". What does it mean? Does it mean putting the cigar in the refrigerator prior to smoking it? Priming refers to putting the cigar in a humidor for a period of time and then storing it near a humidifier.


You don't have to use a humidor. You can simply store your cigars in your refrigerator. Just remember that humidifiers can over-dry out your cigars. You want your cigars near a hygrometer. A hygrometer is a device that measures the moisture content of a cigar.


Finally, you need to gauge your cigars based on the size of the cigar band. The larger the band, the wider the cigar should be. You'll use a special scale to measure your cigars. You need to get your hands on a scale that measures in inches. Most stores that sell cigars will have a scale in their humidor. Keep these tips in mind as you start learning how to smoke cigars.


In the past, most cigars were rolled in a round ring. Now there are several companies that make cigars that are rolled differently. There are some cigars that are made with a short cigar shape, called a "short cigar style", while others have a long mold. These cigars are called medium or full-bodied cigars.


If you're looking for the best cigars for beginners, stick with the long-bodied or full-bodied cigars. Look for a humidor that has room temperature humidity and that has an air-circulation system. Also, remember to purchase a humidor that is made from wood. You don't want your humidor to absorb all of the moisture in your cigars. Another thing you can do to choose the best cigars for beginners is read the reviews of other users.


If you are searching for Cigars for Beginners just take it slow and don’t be afraid of trying different things to find what you might like. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to El Cigar Shop to help you find the best cigar for you!



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