Cigars: A Woman's Perspective

Cigars: A Woman's Perspective

Read Cigars: A Women's Perspective for a personal take on women and the pleasures of cigar smoking. And shop for rare and cheap cigars online at El Cigar Shop!

Cigars: A Woman's Perspective

I started smoking cigars during the cigar boom in the 90s. Back then, smoking was allowed in bars and some even encouraged cigar smoking. Men and women were enjoying the new acceptable trend together. Some smoked for the novelty and others for the overall experience.  

Cigar smoking is viewed by some women as a way to break through gender barriers. Many female smokers just enjoy the aroma, taste, and ritual of cigar smoking. They crave the overall experience of relaxing with a cigar and enjoying the finer things in life.

It was one Friday night, while at my local tavern, when I got introduced to my first cigar. The bar had a Sinatra-retro feel and was the perfect environment to imbibe in a martini and smoke a cigar. The bar offered a small supply of cigars and had ample cigar ashtrays available to customers. My date had brought a few cigars and, being a cigarette smoker, I figured I’d try one of his.

I don’t recall what kind it was but I did enjoy it. A woman’s desire to smoke a cigar can be perceived in a number of ways: threatening, powerful, and sexy. And that’s exactly how the experience was at the time. It felt empowering, risqué, and definitely sexy. I got a few looks and comments that night but most of the crowd was drunk and not paying attention or not caring.

I thought at the time “I have a new hobby (vice?)”.

The years following my first stogie I smoked mostly infused flavored cigars. Java, Tatiana, and ACID were my go to smokes. On summer days my boyfriend would go out and get me my cigars and we would enjoy a cocktail and our smokes.

Although I liked my flavored smoke, I wanted to venture into something with a little more punch of tobacco flavor. At the time, I was still a cigarette smoker. I believe my boyfriend thought his stronger cigars were too much for me to handle and after my stubborn persistence he let me have one of his “macho” cigars.

Today my favorite everyday cigars are Oliva Serie V and Montecristo Classic, Esteban Carreras Chupacabra Hellcat, Macanudo Café Portofino, and ACID. Each one has a specific occasion, too.

An Oliva Serie V is ideal for after work with a Maker’s Mark. A Montecristo is my celebratory cigar. ACID C-Notes are conveniently packaged in 5 packs making them perfect for a road trip since I still smoke an infused cigar now and then. I also certainly love a Macanudo Café Portofino or most any Java Cigar on a weekend with my morning coffee.

Women who smoke cigars are no different than men. We socialize, drink, talk family, politics, current events etc. We smoke in cigar bars, parties, and other tobacco-friendly places.

But men take note; "for me and other women smokers, sharing a cigar with our significant other is a unique and intimate experience."

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