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No matter how hard they make us gag, there are certain truths that we must accept in this world. One of these truths is often hidden behind rosebushes and fire hydrants for cigar enthusiasts. It cannot hide forever, and anyone who smokes regularly will soon discover that there is a bad cigar.

This is the hard part for you, cigar lover. You might be shocked to learn that a person who loves cigars may place them on pedal stools and allow them to ride shotgun in their car while your family is in the back. Before you start rocking in the corner, remember those bad cigars can be easily found. They don't have to be placed in a police lineup to be noticed. Here are some tips that will help you recognize when a cigar is not worth lighting:


It was purchased at the local grocery shop: Good cigars are rarely sold at local markets. They are usually placed between Juicy Fruit gum or double-A batteries. They also don't sell for less than two to three dollars. A cigar purchased for 2.50 at Piggy Wiggly’s will taste the same as a cigar bought for 2.50 at Piggy Wiggly’s. Avoid this by spending a bit more and only buying cigars from places that do not also have an entire section dedicated to incontinence.


It looks like the Sahara is damp from your cigar. It could be that it doesn't have enough humidity. This can lead to a dry, stale cigar. It's difficult to save a cigar that has dried out. The reason is that the cigar has lost its essential oils and its flavor. If the cigar isn’t too dry, you can try to revive it by placing the humidor in the room and gradually increasing the humidity. You can only save time if the wrapper is cracked and peeling. Keep your cigars in a well-balanced humidor to prevent this from happening.


The bad cigar smells: If things smell bad, they often taste bad. These two senses almost go hand in hand. To avoid bad experiences, it's a good idea to smell a cigar before you light it. You will notice a difference in the cigar's smell if it is stale, moldy, or just plain bad. This is a great tip to use before buying particular stogies. Listening to your nose can help you avoid spending too much on a poor-quality cigar.


They are likely imitations. Nearly every city has a seller selling cigars, whose authenticity they will swear to by while holding a stack of tobacco leaves. They can make promises, but the proof is in what they do. In this case, it's smoking. A fake cigar will ruin a cigar's taste experience. It will smoke like "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter". Fake cigars are easy to spot. You should be aware of three things: cigars that seem too cheap, damaged cigars, and a seller who seems eager to sell. These three points can prevent you from buying an imitation cigar and keep you from inhaling bad smoke.


Your Cigar Tastes Like Dirt: Cigars can embody several different flavors. They can be reminiscent of Earth or spices. They might even taste like chicken. They shouldn't taste like dirt, however. Dirt is not a popular flavor. A cigar that tastes musty or old-fashioned will make you think you're smoking a bad cigar.


The majority of cigars are good. Every now and again, a bad cigar may appear. You may not be able to see them all the time, but you might notice that they are defective after a while. If this happens, you can always get back on the horse by finding another cigar and trying again.


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